lingua italiana


1 - How can I pay a fine?

In accordance with the new Italian traffic code, fines can be paid within and not later than five days from the time that they are issued (six days if the fifth day is a public holiday). Fines can be paid at any desk in the Cassa di Risparmio (savings bank) of Lucca (if paid at the Piazza S. Giusto office no commission is applied) or at the post office using the appropriate postal payment slip. Payment slips should be made out to "Corpo Vigili di Lucca - Sevizio di Tesoreria - c/c 206557". The identification number of the fine, the date on which it was issued, the car licence plate number and the make and model of the vehicle involved must be indicted on the slip. To pay by bank transfer, please use the following IBAN codes: IT65J0760113700000000206557 (payments within Italy) and IT26N0503413701000000000366 SWIFT BAPP IT22 (foreign payments).

2 - More than five days have passed since the fine was issued and I haven't paid, what can I do?

If more than five days have passed since the date that the fine was issued, you must wait for notification to proceed with payment of the amount owed. In this case, the cost of the notification will added to the charge.

3 - Can I use the same ticket for a different car park than the one I bought it in?

No. The ticket is only valid, if it has not yet expired, for the parking area that it is bought from and therefore cannot be used in a different car park.