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The European disability logo is strictly for use by one person and is non-transferable. The logo is not restricted to a specific vehicle and allows various types of help with parking and getting around, both in Italy and in other countries belonging to the European Union.


Disabled permits allow free access to the restricted traffic area except where special restrictions are imposed by the Municipality for traffic circulation and parking in pedestrian areas. Free parking is permitted in the yellow bays or outside of the stalls provided that this does not prevent traffic from circulating. In the blue stalls the parking is free with the correct exposure of the mark.


Authorization for passage is granted provided that the person with disability is on board the vehicle, either as the driver or as a passenger.


Prior to accessing the restricted traffic area, disabled permit holders must phone the free-phone number (shown on the street signs) to communicate the licence plate number of the vehicle used for access, the disabled permit number, the municipality that issued the permit and the first name and surname of the permit holder.

If the free-phone number is not active at the time of access, you may gain access by sending the above details, in writing, to the contacts listed below within the subsequent 48 working hours.







Free phone number


Fax   +39 0583 953 024






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